Early Rave Reviews for "The Hawkman"

Available June 5. We are so thrilled by the advance reviews  for The Hawkman: A Fairy Tale of the Great War


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A"a stunning story about how people can heal each other even when it doesn't look like there is any hope left" -- Sarah Perchikoff

"This captures the desperation of trench warfare, the aftermath of war, and what it means to live with those nightmares." -- Ron Samul, author of "The Staff"

"lyrical magical realism that blends historical fiction with fairytale retelling" -- Nicki Markus

"...a severely PTSD Irish Soldier and the lively American teacher who brings him back to life. ...The author transports with elegant language and shimmering prose." -- Andrew Cutler

"This will be one of my favorite books of the year" -- Ria Potter

Sarah Perchikoff called The Hawkman "bittersweet" and rated the book with four out of five stars. 

The writer Ron Samul, author of The Staff, which was a finalist for the 2017 Del Sol Press First Novel Prize, said, "The Hawkman is a stunning vision of the blurred lines between the darkest realities and the most beautiful stories, all spinning in a whirlwind of narrative, hope, and loss..This novel brings narrative together with a lyrical style to rebuild the lives of people who are separately and desperately fragmented."  The full review is available here.  

In her NetGalley review, Bonnye Reed F wrote, " The Hawkman has all the prerequisites of a fairy tale - the obvious parable, the mix of fantasy and reality that can twist your vision, making the bizarre perfectly acceptable, the consistent personal mistreatment to a depth that would make the break into fairytale completely understood. It is also an excellent case against the atrocities of war, and the mental break entailed when personal acceptance of the same is no longer tenable. Aligning these horrors in this historical novel gives us a glimpse into the world our veterans encounter daily. This is a novel that approaches that pain in a more understandable way for the layperson, in a more empathetic way, than anything else I have read. Thank you Ms. LaForge for sharing this tale with us. This is a story I can happily recommend for friends and family."

The Misadventures of a Reader blog gave "The Hawkman" a rating of "5 (stars) and then some," and said she finished the book in two sittings. "What I liked: I didn’t just like this story. I loved it....What I didn’t like: Nothing, I can honestly say that this amazingly haunting book ticks all boxes and there isn’t anything I didn’t like," she wrote. 

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