The Thair Peterson Remix of Jane's Poems

A writer and musician, Thair Peterson, was inspired to write songs based on some of Jane's poems from "With Apologies to Mick Jagger..." This is amazing. We have posted the music for downloading below.

Thair is a friend of Jane's from her school days in Los Angeles. We meant to put these up in October when he sent them to us, but we were hit by Superstorm Sandy and lost power for a week. Then there was the election, and Jane was sick, and blah-blah-blah.

So, with apologies to Thair Peterson, other poets and all musicians, here you go:

Artist: Thair Peterson & Verse

Album: With Apologies to Mick Jagger ... (Thair Peterson Remix)


1.  Putin 1:35

2.  Rock Star Watching 0:41

3. The Day of the Coup 0:49

4. Paris 0:43

5.  Famous Poet's Moment 2:08

6.  Before Elton John... 1:02

7.  Come back Comeback 0:56

8.  Runyon Canyon 1:43

9.  Texan in the Desert 2:38

10. Vowels 1:44

Notes from the musician: "Some song titles are different from the poem titles. Long poem titles are fine, but with songs I think it's more appropriate and less pretentious to keep 'em short. The material ranges between sung and spoken word. Sometimes, the poems are included in their entirety, and other times it's my favorite phrases from the poems... On 'Before Elton John...,' 'Runyon Canyon' and a couple of others, you might want to boost the volume. These were mixed on headphones, which sometimes are better at hearing higher frequencies. I would recommend listening on headphones or earbuds and then listening on speakers. If the speaker mix doesn't sound crisp enough, then boost the treble. Some songs have a bit of silence at the end. Partly that's because you can hear soft sounds on headphones, but some of that gets lost on mp3."

All music is © 2012 Thair Peterson 

All lyrics are © 2012 Jane Rosenberg LaForge